Dark Tides

The Legend of Ecco Continues...

The Story...

Once there were three worlds, the world of the singers of the future, with their leader Trellia, the world of present singers with their leader Ecco, and the world of the dolphins nightmare singers with their leaders of the Clan and Outcast. The Asterite, existing peacefully in the world with the guardian in the first two worlds, was safe, but in the dark future, it was not. The Clan sought to control it, and in doing so, destroyed it, and the guardian was lost within the timestream in the cause. The dimensions fused as one world, and man became extinct. The worlds converged, the races did as well. The singers of the future and the present became corrupted in the clans ways, and new races emerged. Outcast bred with them as well, and now, even more were born. Outcast that appeared as both present and future, Clan that appeared as present and future, but never Outcast and Clan. Or so it was thought….

Ecco perished in an attack by the clan and foe. He had grown old, and without the Asterites power, was vulnerable. It was the chosen ones time to fall.

Generations passed, and a new chosen one was not found.

The leader of the clan, Mutaclone the exaulted one, knew that without all the races blood in one creature there was no hope for a new chosen one. The chosen one would have all traits of the races past, present, and future.

Secretly, the Mutaclone and other Exaulted Ones kidnapped and forced the outcast to breed with them, awaiting for a sign to appear on one of their pods domes of the chosen one.

Finally, the Crimson Star was born.